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Wicked Fishing Charters


STP Helps gone fishing.

Welcome to our fourth official insert for a community spotlighting project. This week we are headed offshore to take a relaxing Charter with Wicked fishing fishing charters.

Started in 2012, Wicked fishing, headed up by owner and operator Captain Andrew Jones, is a wonderful experience for friends and family alike. Based out of Mandeville, Louisiana and operating close to the shore, Wicked fishing charters is an ideal local business to support and to find new and exciting experiences, knowledge, fun, and memories involving all your local fishing needs.

"Our area is incomparable to any other when it comes to the beauty and Wildlife. It's something that we gladly share with local citizens and out-of-town individuals" explains Capt. Andy. The business was originally started to help supplement income for my family but soon became something we looked forward to because every experience is different. By meeting all kinds of people, you never know what to expect!!

Captain Andrew got his start as a licensed Captain after having the opportunity to Pilot boats in the Coast Guard. In 1993 he made it official by getting his captain's license allowing him to continue doing what he enjoyed the most. After leaving his career in the Coast Guard and moving down to Mandeville from California in 2002, where he became a permanent resident of the North Shore.

Since then he has become a respected individual throughout our community by getting involved with many different organizations, to not only offer help and support, but to be part of the reason our community is so great.

Questions and Answers Time

We sat down to ask Captain Andy a few questions about our community and what he thought shedding some light on some very important issues this is what he had to say.

Q: If you could say there was one good thing about this community what would it be?
A: The local businesses. Throughout my time as a business we have been approached by so many people looking for help or support with an event or project. We are not always able to help but we do help where we can, and I see a lot of local businesses doing the same thing.
It means a lot to the people of your community as a local business and making sure that the people you want to have your back know you have theirs. I see so many businesses doing this for so many organizations and projects it makes me wish I could do a lot more.
Businesses like Gus's Bait and Tackle in the dock in Slidell are great examples of this as they help out whenever they can.

Q: If you could say there's something discouraging about this community what would it be?
A: Well as a Marine based business we get involved with a lot of the community water way clean ups that happen every year. Even though we pull so much garbage out of the river one year the next year we come back and it seems like there's just as much garbage to clean up as the year before. it's very discouraging as an individual that cares for our environment to see this. I wish people could understand what they are doing when they throw their trash away in our waterways. It's something I hope to be a part of the solution with.

Q: If you could tell the community anything what would it be.
A: Thank you all so much for the support.
We have been able to grow and help out only because of our clients that are directly connected to our community!!

Q: In showing the community that you support it, what is it that your business is willing to do in showing this Community your support?
A: Get involved. As long as it's something bringing our community together and doing something great, Wicked fishing charters will always be involved.

Thank you for taking the time to read this insert of Community Curiosity!

Tune in every week when we shine our light on the Wonderful People that make up our community!!

Much love