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Hello again!!

We are so happy to have you back for our 5th week of "Community Curiosity," which is a segment in which we shine our light ever so brightly on the individuals who are leading the way in business and Organizational differences here in St. Tammany Parish!! Thanks to the dedication and support from these individuals we are able to bring the stories of their good works to YOU, the citizens!
This week we are headed to Slidell, where ducked off in the heart of our local community, is an individual stepping up to empower young women everywhere. Ashley Owens, a long time native on the North Shore and resident of Slidell is making Waves in the Female department with her 501c3 registered Organization, W.A.L.K.

In 2005 she graduated from Slidell high studying through the Allied Health trade program to be a pharmaceutical technician. After becoming licensed in 2006 she went on to work for such places as Slidell Memorial Hospital, Walgreens, and Rite Aid before transferring over to Lakeview Regional Hospital in Mandeville, where she has been the pharmaceutical technician for the past year and a half.

During the course of 2016 a change began to happen within her life that started leading her down the road of being an advocate for young women. After putting on a prayer circle that involved women coming together to pray over a particular situation. She realized the power that could be harnessed when bringing individuals together to offer the support needed to help a situation.

In June of 2016 she decided to use this as her vision in creating W.A.L.K.
WOMEN ANOINTED with LOVE and KNOWLEDGE!! Ashley explains that "there are so many young women that just need help in finding a direction in their lives.” “W.A.L.K. is aiming to do just that.”

She goes on to explain that by getting involved in her local community, as well as bringing like-minded women together. They will be able to focus on pressing issues that are prevalent all throughout our community as well as others.

She wants these young women to understand that they don't have to worry about being who the world says they should be to feel empowered. They don't have to Sacrifice what they love to make others happy. There are people who care and are here to help guide and direct you to find the best path for YOU!!

So far, W.A.L.K. has been extremely active in its community helping local Families during the holidays as well as helping to raise money for ‘Relay for Life!’ They were involved with The Policeman’s Ball this year and are making strides in spreading awareness and education to the local community about they're message of empowerment!

Questions and Answers Time

Q: If you had 1 good thing to say about our local community what would it be?
A: Well personally I feel safe! Our police officers do such a good job at making sure our streets are safe.
I know that when I go to bed at night i don't have to worry about my life being in danger. We should show appreciation to our police officers because they really do, do a good job! This is one of the main reasons W.A.L.K was involved with the gala this year.

Q: If you had something bad to say what would it be?
A: There really does need to be more outlets for people. Just focusing on what we are focusing on has really opened my eyes to how little is available for someone who is truly in need. There needs to be facilities that take care of the people and help guide them to becoming that productive individual society wants them to be".
This is the reason W.A.L.K was created. To help do just that.

Q: As an organization in our community looking for Communal support, what is it your organization is trying to offer St. Tammany parish?
A: Empowerment and direction for our young women. What we envision is a mentorship that can take our young girls and help them find productive outlets all throughout they're lives into adult hood. We want to help educate about consequences to different actions and where those consequences can lead. We want to be part of the reason our community changes for the better!

Q: If you could tell the community 1 thing what would that 1 thing be?
A: Please love each other. Love is the building block and foundation of all things that are good in our world and to love each other allows that good to happen. Like our moto for W.A.L.K. says, "Walk by Faith, walk the talk, and walk in love."

Thank you for taking the time to read this insert of Community Curiosity!

Tune in every week when we shine our light on the Wonderful People that make up our community!!

Much love