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The Real Reason Why We Do It.

Giving out Helping Hands from Our Hearts


Our volunteers are the true face of Helping Hands and without them, none of this would be possible.

Resources - There are many common items that may mean nothing to you, but everything to a local family. Maybe you have extra clothes to help someone land their job or have an extra dresser so that family can keep clothes off the bed. These are just some of the opportunities available for anyone to help.

In-The-Field Volunteers -  You can truly see the positive impact by helping out with fundraising opportunities, clothing drives, and other opportunities.

Financial - For those kind people who have the will but not the time, we suggest making a financial donation. Your contribution will directly impact the community by allowing us to transport goods and connect people with the resources they need.

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The True Face of STP HELPS

The Community & The Volunteers