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     Thank you for deciding to celebrate with us in taking part of our first article towards this new era of media revolution!

     It is our goal to bring you up to date with current information pertaining to the individuals on a journey to make all the difference in our world. Whether art, music, pop culture, agriculture, economics, activism or politics, we will only be reporting on the progress and good that is being achieved and worked on all around us. It is our job and pleasure to bring you the information that helps make our world shine as bright as the sun that gives us warmth and light, but most importantly it is our goal to offer a voice to the ones who's ideals and achievements for the better are not being heard!!!

     In this day and age speaking out and speaking up for what is right or what you believe, is found to be a difficult task by most individuals. The amount of negativity and judgment from others that "know more" or "know better" is unreal. People have been conditioned to the societal norm of keeping to themselves, and becoming introverted over the course of time. What makes it worse is the routine people fall into proving difficulties for individuals to gain social skills and confidence from lack of speaking up.

     Not only does this prove to be a problem in a single individual's life but it is also damaging our progression as humanity. If people fear putting their ideas out for others to see, the individual with a solution becomes part of the problem by not opening their mouth. What could have changed the world, now changes nothing. Not only this but if we have a disconnect from others, how do we ever expect to achieve working together which is the only way to really change everything for the better.


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