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Thank You So Much!!!

       It means the world that you would be interested in helping your community, but that you actually stood up and made a difference... Now that is commendable. We love and respect you for doing what you did, and you need to continue to spread that love, joy, warmth, and compassion to all of the humans that you meet in your journeys.

We would like you to stay in touch to keep abreast of the goings on of the group and its interactions with the community, so join us on Facebook, Like our page, get involved with the group, and lets keep making a big difference like the one you just made.

Facebook Page

Facebook Group

We would also like to give you a breakdown of the causes that we support in our community:


    Animal Rights, Welfare, and Services

    Wildlife Conservation

    Zoos and Aquariums

Arts, Culture, Humanities

    Libraries, Historical Societies and Landmark Preservation


    Performing Arts

    Public Broadcasting and Media

Community Development

    Fundraising Organizations

    Community Foundations

    Housing and Neighborhood Development


    Universities, Graduate Schools, and Technological Institutes

    Private Elementary and Secondary Schools

    Other Education Programs and Services

    Private Liberal Arts Colleges


    Environmental Protection and Conservation

    Botanical Gardens, Parks, and Nature Centers


    Diseases, Disorders, and Disciplines

    Patient and Family Support

    Treatment and Prevention Services

    Medical Research
    Mental/Emotional Services

Human and Civil Rights

    Advocacy and Education

Human Services

    Children's and Family Services

    Youth Development, Shelter, and Crisis Services

    Food Banks, Food Pantries, and Food Distribution

    Multipurpose Human Service Organizations

    Homeless Services

    Social Services

Research and Public Policy

    Non-Medical Science & Technology Research

    Social and Public Policy Research

Please stay in touch, bless you, and have a beautiful day!

The Helping Hand <3