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"In a world that's so cold so full of anger strife hate and judgements it's nice to know there are people who still care. That there are more people who want to help than there are ones who want to hurt. In a time of feeling so much helplessness and hopelessness God sends ideas to people. He creates purposes and plans. It's up to us to follow through. I truly believe that helping hands of St tammany was created through these plans. And regardless of race or religion or what God you pray to we are all on the same page here. To help people to make sure there is as much unnecessary pain in the world. If it can be avoided it will be. To know that a community of strangers can use downfalls and setbacks to donate time and items to bring us together. To make friends to make changes and make a difference in this huge world. No matter how small or insignificant we think our actions are they are causing a ripple affect through this world. Helping hands is bringing people together and making differences. I'm so blessed to know i have people who care in the darkest moments of my life! I'm excited to be a part of this wonderful organization on the receiving end and also being able to be there for others! Thank you everyone and for all you do!" -Nichelle Echols

"On October 31, 2013, my friends father (who wishes to remain anonymous) had a stroke and they were told he wasn't going to make it. They then found out that he had a brain tumor and was rushed across the lake for brain surgery. It was a really tough battle for the whole family since he was the main provider. My friend worked but taking care of her mom, and 2 boys (2 and 4) were really tough on her. They ended up having to leave their house and all of their belongings and start all over in Lacombe away from all society with no transportation. After a year in the hospital, her dad finally was able to come home, but needed a lot of assistance with everything he did. That left my friend taking care of her 2 kids, mom, and father. They were struggling so bad. They didn't have much at all. I got in touch with Helping Hands as soon as I found out about it and told them about their need for help with food, beds for them to sleep in, and clothes for the boys. Helping Hands came ABOVE AND BEYOND and brought everything this family needed from the clothes on all their backs to the rugs on the floors. The kids got toys, the kitchen was stocked with food, they are in the process of bringing in furniture for all the rooms, and even all bathroom essentials. My heart was so touched by what these people did for them. I couldn't thank them enough. What Helping Hands is doing is truly amazing." -Nikki Watkinss

"Thank y'all so much for the storage containers they have helped a lot was ale to get the clothes off my daughters bed she is so happy to be able to sleep in it thank y'all.... Thank y'all  for the list of people who could possibly help her get her light on... Thank y'all for your support for all the people who are in need!!" -Mary Wright

"I'm 42 years old with a 5 month old. Needless to say when I found out I was pregnant it was a surprise. We are blessed with such wonderful family and friends, we were given so much of what we needed. We have a friend who has passed on so many clothes that we have things waiting for her to grow into. I decided when she outgrew her clothes I wanted to pass them on to help someone who needed it. But I was very cautious every time I saw someone say they needed. I have seen too many people ask for things then turn around and sell them. So I waited for God to let me know. That's when Racheal posted about a grandmother taking in her newborn granddaughter and needed clothes. God said this is who I want you to help. So I packed up what I had, went through everything else and packed up more. I meet with Nina and her mom and gave them 3 boxes and 2 bags. They were so thankful and saying how blessed they were. But I'm the one who is blessed. There is no better feeling in the world than helping someone who really needs it. In the process I made 2 new friends and can't wait to meet sweet Bailey when she gets here. I hope to be able to keep passing things on to them and helping others if I'm able. Helping Hands St Tammany is making a difference and I'm glad I get to be a part of it." -Dayna Battaglia

"First i would like to thank Mary wright for telling me about this group. Well i went and looked it up and as i was doing that in my head i was thinking i hope they are not rude to me like others have been. So i wrote my post about my friend an her 3year old little girl needing help with clothes and food and other things. Well i have had some sweet lady's write me back asking questions on what my friend needs. Well these ladies have done everything to get what she needed & then some. They are the sweetest most nicest lady's in the world they are really a gift from God. If there is anyone in need of help with anything please go to helping hands st tammy they are the best. thank y'all so much for all the help y'all have done for my friend. thanks Cassandra DeMarco and all of the other lady's that help out with this group." -Kristen Blow

T"I just want to take a minute to thank Cassandra, along with everyone else with the helping hands project !y'all have changed my life in such a major way and are continuing to change it everyday!for once in my life i feel a sense of relief!something i probably never felt before!i love each and everyone of you!you guys are truly a gift from God and i just think its really amazing what yall are doing,i can finally sleep at nights knowing someone has my back in this cold world we live in☺thank you all so much,from the bottom of my heart God knows everything y'all do means the world to me & to us!" -Felicia Thomas

"Just a short note to say thank you for all you have done for me and mine. If it wasn't for your help I don't know what we would have done. Thanks is not enough! Thank you Helping Hands St. Tammany." -Linda Daigle