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Welcome Back!!!

Week 3 is here for "Community Curiosity" and this week holds a special place in our project has we will be talking about a dynamic duo who are two of the most awe inspiring people ANY Community could ever hope to have!!

Buddy and Annie Spell are the local owners and operators of Spell and Spell Law firm based out of

Covington, Louisiana.

Several years after meeting through law school at Loyola University,the two of them fell in love and decided to "meet in the middle". Buddy, from New Orleans and Annie being from Washington Parish, decided to get married and settle down in Covington. Opening their doors originally in Franklinton in 1997, they started their life as lawyers in  Washington and St Tammany Parish. In 2008, they moved their practice to Covington.

Buddy explains that as far back as he can remember he is always wanted to be a lawyer. A lot of his inspiration come from the book, "To Kill a Mockingbird" as one of the main characters, Atticus Finch plays a large role in turning his dream into reality. This is so much so that following Law School, his allies on the bar exam was "Atticus Finch". Great things don't come without sacrifice though and that's exactly what he did by working full-time during the day and going to school at night. He is an individual that believes hard work pays off as well as being a Living testament to this ideology.

Things weren't always so black and white in their life though because for much of his life he battled an addictive disorder. Next month, he will mark seven years of continuous sobriety. “It’s a celebration, but it’s not,” he said. “The seven year mark is noteworthy and I am very grateful to have made it this far, but sobriety demands daily maintenance. In that respect, the seventh anniversary is just another day."

He explains that it has taken a lot to get to this point, but it was a point none-the-less that he needed to get to.  It helped open his eyes to see what he was doing to himself and most importantly his loved ones around him.

Through his recovery, both Buddy and Annie have utilized their influence as lawyers and local business owners to become proactive in the community around them. Recovery, being a big part of Buddy's life led him to lend full-throttled support to Covington police chief Tim Lenz’s partnership with the New Orleans Mission to create the now thriving recovery program "Operation Angel" based out of the North Shore. Taking the old K Bar B Youth Ranch and turning it into a facilitation that helped local community members get clean and stay clean. Individuals who are having a hard time with any kind of substance abuse can walk into any of our local police departments without fear of destroying their lives to get a personalized ride and check-in into the facilitation to start the recovery process. This amazing opportunity for anyone who suffers from substance abuse is in part thanks to the hard work of Buddy Spell himself.

Annie, the former president of the NAACP of Greater Covington and an accomplished civil rights attorney, while being involved with most Community causes and the work that brings around the betterment of it is also the co-founder and manager of "The One Hundred​ Woman's Club". Started a few years back, this club of 100 women meets every three months at a designated restaurant to discuss projects and organizations that are guaranteed to make a solid impact in what they are trying to do.

Once his organization is agreed upon every single woman puts $100 into a pot that the decided upon cause will get the very next day. 10,000$ to garentee a difference is made. So far, the One Hundred Supper Club has raised well over $100,000.00 for local non-profits. She will soon be starting a club that will be for $25 and hopes to make that one as big if not bigger than the last. All of this comes behind running for city council representative for Covington in 2008 where she only received 10% of the vote.

Questions and Answers Time

• In wanting a deeper understanding on why they are such hardcore Community Advocates I ask Buddy if he could say that there is one thing that makes our community a good Community what would it be?

• His answer: “Our people. There is much to be said for Southern gentility and we are blessed with many generous and loving neighbors who are invested in the community and seem to be motivated in raising the quality of life for all. We have been gifted with an army of community activists”.

• I also asked him "if you could say there's something bad, something that we should or shouldn't be focusing on what would that be"?

• He explained, “I am concerned about some of our politics. I don’t think we put enough emphasis on the future and what we want to leave the next generations. Just like a family needs to plan for the future and put away resources for a rainy day, so must a community. But, I don’t see that in our politics. Our policies seem to be based strictly upon instantaneous gratification and that troubles me”.

Thank you for taking the time to read this insert of Community Curiosity!

Tune in every Monday for a new story about the awesome work so many of us are doing here in our community!!

Much love


The Spell & Spell Law Firm, established in 1997, is a Covington based law office resourced
to represent individuals and small businesses throughout Louisiana.

At Spell & Spell, our seasoned and dedicated trial lawyers stand
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including, but not necessarily limited to, criminal defense and plaintiff personal injury law.

Should a legal issue arise which falls outside of Spell & Spell's practice area,
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