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For our first official insert we will be shining a light on Penny Candy LLC!! A new locally owned and operated business that aims to please your wallet without compromising what makes "pampering yourself" at home the luxury experience it should be. Based out of Slidell Louisiana and operating around the whole Southeast area Penny Candy LLC makes a trip down memory lane worth visiting. Visit them at their Facebook Page and their Website!


For the past 6 months Penny Candy LLC has been in operation. Ran by Lovell Peyton and his wife Antanik, they hope this aspiration will lead them in the direction of becoming successful entrepreneurs allowing them to pass down something for generations to come. Everything started with Antanik's interest in Beauty care before she could even work professionally as a hair sculptor. As time went on she became license in Cosmetology and Nail Care giving her the opportunity to work in and around various parlors and salons. Learning the ropes while picking up tips and tricks along the way allowed her passion for personal care to burn even brighter giving way to the idea of her possibly starting her own line of products. Lovell being fresh out of the Navy after serving our country for 4 years as well as go through a long productive career in Culinary arts was looking to expand on his Horizon. Lovell explains that it was his passion for cooking and what he had learned through his Culinary arts process that lead him to start fermentation of different fruits and blends to start making their line of "Dat Pluck" wine!! Having a large understanding and knack for business he was looking for a way to bring his family closer together. The two of them decided it was time to go out on a limb and create something that people can really appreciate when they need it the most thus Penny Candy LLC was born!!


Starting with the basics they began to experiment with different fragrances and Designs soon creating the wonderful products they now sell. Antanik explained that the idea based around what they are doing is "Self Care In between Professional Care". Creating products in ways for men and women alike to enjoy their personal time at home as much as the Professional Care at a salon without having to break the bank buying products three times as expensive off the shelves at stores. The name Penny Candy comes from both of their childhood memories when times were simpler and you could buy candy for one penny at the stores! They wanted to use this idea in creating their products so the older Generations can get as much enjoyment out of their efforts as the younger ones who it would possibly be more appealing to. They want people to remember the good times while creating new and better ones!! Available through social media and soon-to-be at your local events and festivals. Penny Candy LLC hopes to bring the spa you desire right to the comfort of your own home. With a wide variety of soaps and bath bombs, relaxing on their custom made, made to order pillow line "Pillow Talk". You will be enjoying a glass of their handcrafted "candy infused" wine just in time to feel like a new you!! Penny Candy LLC hopes to show this community what they are made of and what YOU can smell like!! Be on the lookout for their booths at events and make sure to show your support by finding and liking them on Facebook and Instagram to keep up with all they're latest news!!

Penny Candy LLC Sweets for the Skin Question and Answer Time

Q: As one of many businesses in our community what are some things that your business will be willing to do to show this community that you support it as much as you would like them to support you?

A: We have always been big dsupporters and that will never change. We serve people because it's Who We Are its what we do. I love making people feel special and my husband fought for our country so you should already know how he feels as well. While offering our time and efforts when and where they are needed if possible. We would also like to grow are named enough that we can afford to give baskets and samples out to local women shelters escaping abusive situations and group homes for kids to help them feel special or even a sense of normality.

Personal Care is one of the most important time slots in our daily lives and we would like to give people the opportunity to be able to unwind and relax in a fun unique way after dealing with some of the hardships life has to offer at times. It's our personal way to get personal with the community!!!

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