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New Orleans, Louisiana

You may also scroll down to find a clickable map of zip codes that leads you to the other geographic regions of our state, based on that area code you chose, to offer further resources in those areas. We started in ST Tammany Parish with intentions to replicate our blueprint all over the nation and hopefully people pick up the compassion and it spreads out into the world... However, to make such large leaps towards our goals, which we will in time, we had to first expand out of ST Tammany and in doing that we now bring you the first edit to the website to include NOLA on the Southshore into our community resource hub! We will be finding more information, community resources, hardship information, political and organizational unit information, fun things to do there natively, info on voting and political endeavors and climates, as well as A LOT more information than you might can imagine. Its quite mind boggling how much info is on STP HELPS just for the geographic region North of Lake Pontchartrain. Just wait til we get the WHOLE STATE OF LOUISIANA ADDED!

Thank you all for being here with us. Come grow with us in our expansion....
Stay tuned!

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