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The children are our future, and getting them involved in community at a young age is they key to the success of our future!

Once you submit sponsorship payment, please fill out our
Blessings Box Questionnaire to tell us your name, contact information, box location, and box theme

Full Sponsorship Payment Includes

Community Blessings Boxes

All boxes we build will have their location placed on this map below. If you build a box on your own, email josh@stphelps.org so he can add it to the map so people can find it to donate or to get donations out of it.

STP HELPS is working with our community to build Food Bank Boxes, Necessity Boxes, Library Boxes (or a combination of these) that will be placed in front of homes and businesses all across the parish.  Anyone can donate the appropriate items to and that anyone in need can just walk up to and take what they need.

If you would like to provide a monetary donation to sponsor a whole box, the cost is $150 and a tax exemption write-off is available.This would allow you to choose the location (owner of land must approve), you get your logo/sponsor message on the box for advertising, you choose the theme of the box, you get mentioned in our network and can be placed on the website on the sponsors list and box locator.

Get advertised as a business that supports local nonprofits and their community!

If you would like to donate any amount at all towards a box you can donate any amount that you would like.  If you can donate materials or time to help us build boxes with accrued materials, email us at leadership@stphelps.org
or go to our group at www.stphelpsgroup.org

If you would like to build boxes with us, otherwise donate your time, donate building materials to make more boxes, or would like to sponsor a box and pay for its building cost to have it put where you would like and/or have your company/sponsor logo on the side of it to get involved with helping your community, or if you would like to request that a box be put in your neighborhood if/when we get one available that doesn't have a home yet, contact us at leadership@stphelps.org

Box Locator

Catholic Archdiocese
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Holiday Inn Slidell
Dial 211