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Hey There! Welcome back to "Community Curiosity"!
This is our second insert for our Community spotlighting project we created to shine light on the local businesses and organizations we are blessed enough to have in our community.
Together we can all focus on the positive side of the people we called Neighbors, and the place that we call home.

This week we are headed into our local ecosystem where waiting for us paddling gently down the Waterway is an individual that brings a whole new meaning to the word environmentalist. Jessica Gauley, owner and operator of "Honey Island Kayaking Tours" is an individual that our area especially is very lucky to have. Growing up in the Pearl River area, this outdoor fanatic has always had her eye on the environment and ways to do her part in making sure that she doesn't disturb the natural vegetation and Wildlife that makes our area the beautiful, full wetlands that they are.

Throughout the past few years her passion for the environment has brightened due to the increase in human carelessness which has led to the digression and deterioration of not only the wildlife but vegetation as well in our area. After finding out about the paper mill in Bogalusa killing a bunch of fish from dumping paper by product labeled "Black Liquor" (not eco friendly) into the local area swamp lands. She decided to pick up a paddle and take matters into her own hands. Getting with a few local individuals, she helped co-found the "Honey Island Conservation" which aims to fight such corruption as well as educate people and protect the local environment itself.
She explained to us how companies are allowed to preform these types of atrocities on a daily bases even when there are methods and measures that could be taken to safely recycle this kind of waist in an eco friendly way.

She took it upon herself to go out and get jobs that would allow her to focus on her passion for our environment.
Working with local organizations and businesses such as "Canoe and Trail" out of Lacombe Louisiana, she was able to gain the knowledge and certifications needed to start her own educational kayaking tour around our Bayou and swamp lands. In doing all of this she has been able to work with individual that have taken large steps in protecting our environment allowing both plant and Wildlife to thrive as if it were never disturbed by pollution or people.
Launching from Honey Island Bar (soon-to-be fish house as well), individuals up to groups of 10 can take a 2 1/2 hour guided tour of our now thriving swamp system that in part thanks to her has both original and New Growth which she told us is a rare commodity these days. Jessica explains how therapeutic it is for individuals to just get away from it all and enjoy the peace, the wildlife, exercise and all-around very positive experience to experience.
Depending on the time of year she tells us guests can expect to see alligators, river otters, different types of birds, ducks and other various wildlife!! This is a completely natural experience so there is no feeding the wildlife during the tour.

Created to be somewhat of an educational tool and to help strengthen families and team building skills.
Honey Island Kayaking Tours is teaching the value of our ecosystem and the rich Heritage of our community as a whole. In operation since November 21st 2016 they have already created five jobs that are contributing to our local economy. They aim to grow their efforts hoping to inspire children and adults alike to take an interest in our surroundings and understand just how important the ecosystem is to the same Wildlife that has Louisiana known worldwide!!

Question and answer time for "Honey Island Kayaking Tours".

Q- As a business among other businesses in our community, what is something your business is willing to do to show this community that you support it as much as you would like them to support you?

A- Well obviously our whole goal is keeping our community as beautiful and Alive as possible.
We have already created a program called "Pearl River Cleanup" where we take a group of dedicated volunteers one day out of the year to clean up or waterways and Bayou.
We have done this now for the past five years and hope to carry on the tradition every single year.
Not only this but we are more than willing to get involved with any projects having to do with our environment whether it's actually helping or lending equipment if needed to help get the job done!!

Tune in every Monday for a new story about the awesome work so many of us are doing here in our community!!

Much love