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Community Project Day will happen every year and this year, for the first annual occurrence,  its "Blessings Box Building Day" on 7-29-2018 from 9am until 2pm at the Lacombe Rec Center, District #4, located at 61100 N. 12th Street, Lacombe, LA 70445. We will be getting together for an event where volunteer teams will put together pre-built Blessings Boxes Kits to be installed all over our community later on!

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Vendors will only pay 10% of sales as a vendor-fee to STP HELPS and there will not be any other entry fees. Nonprofits can set up their information tables for free to be there, make people aware of what they are doing, and to help out with box builds. Anyone setting up at Community Project Day will need to bring their own tables, own supplies, own electric cords (there is electricity at the Rec Center), and anything else they might need to set up.

Use the buttons below to signup. If you're sponsoring a box kit, which costs $150, for a volunteer team to build then use the 'Box Sponsor Signup/Payment' button. If you're signing up to be a vendor, caterer, or volunteer team, then use the 'Other Signup' button. If you'd like to donate to box day, you can do that here.

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The children are our future, and getting them involved in community at a young age is they key to the success of our future!

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