Can Your Socks Change The World?

by: Randy Kakumei

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Can your old socks change the world?


There are a lot of people in this world. I mean A LOT! Over 7 billion to be precise. There is also a lot of bad.
That list could go on for days. So how is it that your old socks could even come close to making a dent in all of that?


Just as there are a bunch of people. There is also a bunch of stuff that these people have. Including yourself!

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It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that things are becoming more expensive while everyones paychecks stay the same. It's taking people all they have to pay the bills much less buy new clothing for their kids, or get a new refrigerator because theirs went out. A lot of people become stuck between a rock and a hard spot having to go without, spending everything they have, or even worse going into debt. Not all, but a lot of the hardship people are facing in this day and age is stemming from these very situations.

So how is it that your old socks can make a world of difference? By you simply giving them to someone who needs them!

Sure socks aren't that big of a deal. Until your sleeping in your car during the winter without any. Just because it's something that doesn't really mean anything to you doesn't mean it's not going to mean EVERYTHING to someone else. That microwave that just taking up space. Those pair of shoes you have been looking at for the past 2 years knowing you will never wear them. That bed that was needed 5 years ago but has no purpose now. These are all things that could be gifted to an individual or Family in and around your community that could be the difference in how warm someone is. To being able to make that mortgage payment on time.

Working together will always solve the problems we face, and something as simple as old socks will always be the difference in someone's life. All it takes is for us to actually be a community and do it. There’s no telling who's live you will change in the process!!

Much love EVERYONE!

Stay tuned for more Community team work content!!