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Can the Lottery change the world?

Have you ever bought a lottery ticket? I know I have.

Who wouldn't want to spend a dollar or two and win millions in return? With the way our society works, there are people everywhere who wish they had enough money to buy all the things they want. Which is why there are people everywhere who buy lottery tickets in hopes that they will win.

Now, I'm pretty sure we all know how the lottery works. But for the ones that don't, allow me to explain it really quick. The Lottery is a system put into game form. Individuals use their money to purchase a ticket with numbers on it that have a chance to be drawn when it comes time to pick a winner.

Can The Lottery Change The World?

by: Randy Kakumei

But where does all the money come from that an individual win if they're number is called? This is where one of the simplest systems we have ever created comes into place to guarantee millions to the winner.

Throughout the time frame of the current weekly Lottery game millions of individuals all around the country (well the 43 states that it is legal in) go to their local gas stations and purchase a ticket or tickets. Each dollar that is spent on these tickets is then thrown into a pot that the winner will win minus taxes.
Due to the fact that there are so many people that play the lottery. The winner is then guaranteed millions of dollars. This is a weekly game that is played by millions of people all across our country. The Atlantic reports that in 2014 alone, over $70 billion dollars was collected through the lottery.

Now you’re probably Wondering what this all has to do with changing the world.
Millions of people giving billions of dollars to a game that only 1 or a few people benefit from depending on the numbers they chose that week.
Well, I'm about to tell you!

A lot of the social and economic problems we face as a country and society stem from not having the proper Resources and facilitations to fix said issues. The reason a lot of these Resources and facilitations are lacking, or don't exist. Is due to the fact that there's not enough funding to create them or give them what they need to succeed in their endeavors. According to Feed the Children: it would cost 120$ to give 300 starving People a meal. What this means is for $131,400 you could feed 300 People 3 meals a day for a WHOLE YEAR. Ultimately ending hunger in a normal size Community here in the United states. $131,400 dollars compared to $70 billion dollars is literally not even a drop in the bucket.

The point that I'm trying to make here is that if we wanted to. We could fix almost every problem our communities and country faces by us all simply throwing 2$ into a pot that could go to benefiting us all. The lottery in its self is a brilliant idea that could benefit humanity in such a way it would go down in the history books. All we have to do is understand that by working together we can make so many things that people think are impossible.

Thanks for taking the time to read this article.
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