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STP HELPS has always taken pride in itself when it comes to our Community connectivity capabilities. For the past 4 years, we have been actively researching the best possible plan of action to implement systemic change in our society. We conducted this social research mainly via a Facebook

group that allowed people to post about their struggles in order for people to be able to work together to find the best ways to help those people and solve future social issues as a community. From the principle of sharing information and resources to assist citizens, the STP HELPS website was born to permanently host the resources and information that we found to be most helpful for the hardship situations that our research showed us existed.

Through this system we have been able to create an active social media base of now over 13,000 local individuals from our community

Every year for the past 3 years our Network has doubled in size from 32,000 hits last year to 66,000 hits during 2018 up until this writing on 10-21-2018, which has resulted in the large numbers we currently have all across social media and our website portal.

Our website offers information about resources, as well as jobs, housing, news, local videos, local events, and more, and it has an average of 6025 hits per month on our website. These are not yearly views. They are monthly, and this doesn’t count the 8000 per month engagements on our Facebook group or the 6885 per month reach on our Facebook page. With social media, our numbers extend past that of 15000 local citizens, and through our Network we have the potential to reach over 1,000,000 local individuals.

As a business advertising with us, you not only have the ability to be promoted across all of our platforms, but you will be supporting something that in the end is going to make all of the difference in our lives.

Over the past three years STP Helps has utilized our network to help individuals in our community and have been able to connect people together, and we’ve generated enough help for over 16,000 local needs thus far.

By giving your advertising business to us you would be helping us with the funds needed to not only continue on to do what we have been doing, but to make it that much better as well.


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What We Do!

  • Connect citizens with local resources that can help when there is a need.

  • Promote Partnering with businesses that are in need of support from the local community.
  • Utilize our community wide network to spring board projects and programs that are created to build a better community through long-term systemmic change.

What We Offer!

  • A fully functioning FREE website built around local Community Resources and information that can help people with Jobs, Housing, Mental Health, Substance Abuse, Food and a wide array of other resources. The website also has local events, local news, local audio/video streams, and much more!

  • The Chance to Become Part of one of the fastest-growing Community networks through social media that exceeds 13,000 members.

  • Advertising for locally owned businesses throughout all of our platforms across social media and the internet as well as events and merchandising.

Team Work is our main Goal, and we know that by bringing all parts of our community together we can succeed at a brighter future for us all.



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Ad Placements


• Facebook Group and Facebook Page belonging to STP HELPS.
• Access to up to over 60 local Buy Sale Trade groups, Share your Business groups, and Community Topic Groups.
• STPHELPS.ORG which is our website portal offering ad space on our side bar, Slide show Banner, and Affiliates page.
• Free online posting apps and websites such as Offer Up, Craigslist, Nextdoor, Freecycle.
• Social Media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat.
• Monthly news-letter
• Monthly article
• Monthly meetings
• Events
• Trifold
• Shirts




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