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A Crossroads for St. Tammany Parish

article II

by: Randy Kakumei

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     Over the past few years St. Tammany Parish has become a breeding ground for Parish Official corruption. Multiple investigations extending from News Media Outlets all the way to the FBI have been conducted uncovering the misuse in tax-payer’s dollars and undercover dealings involving the Parishes Law Enforcement, Justice System and even the Coroner’s Office. These actions have led to the formation of Public Special Interest groups such as Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany, The Preserve St. Tammany Parish Initiative, All Love No Hate and Helping Hands the Movement. These organizations and entities have come into existence for one reason and one reason only, TO INFLUENCE A CHANGE. Made up of literally thousands of community members, businesses and other organizational entities. These groups have paved a way in directing St. Tammany towards this change with educating the public on the dealings taking place within the confines of the Parish and Parish officials’ meetings.

     Right now St. Tammany is at a cross roads. Election time is coming up for the month of October, and the direction this Parish and Community will take rest wholly on the citizens that make it up. It is plan to see that even if certain officials had nothing to do with these nefarious activities, it still happened under their watch. As leaders over a large body of land and mass amount of people (250,000+) it should be priority number 1 to conduct business and activities in such a manner that it is beneficial to the people of the community more than that of the politicians. Accountability should be held and as citizens we should have the chance at fresh ideas and new faces to represent and help make a change in this community.

     The only way anything will become different is if the citizens such as yourself chose to become the difference and vote into office individuals that are actually thinking about progress in our community with YOU in mind. Not the gaining of money and destroying of lives through our Justice system. Not the development of more buildings drowning families and local businesses in taxes. The development of a stronger community that stands together United. A structured system of Leaders that make their decisions as a team without the underhanded plays.

     Just because its politics does not mean it has to be a zoo and corruption has to be present. When election time rolls around think about the individual that have been in play and think about where we are and how much we have suffered and failed to progress. Consider what could have been done differently and how we can make the future better. Most importantly, when it comes to voting time, remember the names that stand for change!

     Names like Margie Vicknair-Pray who is running for Parish President and Nelson Rivers currently running for Clerk of Court are the people that are going to make the difference. Margie's whole campaign is based around Grass Roots support in terms of not using funds gained off of the citizens to campaign for office. Jennifer Werther a candidate currently running for Sheriff is willing to cut her yearly salary by $100,000 just to give more back to the community while not accepting a pension once out of office. Randy Smith another candidate for Sheriff is looking for the same progress.

     These individuals and more are all about the change you as the public want to see. If you’re tired of the corruption and you want actions followed behind the words being spoken for real progress, then go out and vote for one of these individuals pushing for change and let's get our parish back on the right track!!


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