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“Together, We Can”

To encourage community improvement through community involvement by connecting people to resources, each-other on our facebook group, and boots on the ground community initiatives to bolster the relationships of constituents and organizations.

STP HELPS is a central resource and connectivity hub within St. Tammany Parish for the purpose of allowing the citizens, nonprofits, government, and other organizations an outlet for “Community Improvement Through Community Involvement” in order to address, together, the areas and aspects of our lives, as a whole, that are required for the betterment of this parish and its constituents so they might flourish as well as encourage systemic changes. The resources and information provided on our website, as well as the facebook group which has near 13,000 local members, acts as the connecting web to bring the people that need help to the people or organizations that can help. This gives those who are able to assist others an avenue to direct their efforts towards the areas and/or people that require that assistance.  This connectivity is furthered offline with boots-on-the-ground actions, initiatives, meetings, and projects used to strengthen the togetherness of all involved to advance the goals of the nonprofit and the community in bringing about the changes that will benefit us all, and to provide an outlet and recourse for people to find and receive assistance from the existing nonprofits, organizations, individuals, and other avenues of help that are already in existence here. Our goal is to help build up the existing organizations, to empower the individuals, to encourage participation of businesses in community ventures, and to culminate all of this into a driving force that allows for the betterment of all those involved through the principle of working together to achieve success in all areas of our life here in St. Tammany Parish.

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STP HELPS/ Helping Hands the Movement

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There are over 13,000 members in the facebook group called Helping Hands The Movement, and they are the real reason we have helped over 10,000 people since Helping Hands' inception on into STP HELPS!
We crowd-source the needs of the community here where people post needs and others post help or donations for free. Join up and become a part of something beautiful in your community!