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To learn more about STP Helps, our Website, our new Community Center Building, and what all we do and will do in your community, see our executive business at

*We are hoping once a substantial amount of our community takes their pledges to be able to once a month give a modest donation to the different schools, churches, and other staple landmarks in our community that helps with the progression of our youth, and or the General Population. Of course the community will have a say.

Now instead of you just giving a monetary pledge and having no idea as to where its going or what it is being used for, we have created a new way of doing things where you are in control as to how much you want to pledge and to what outlet you would like your pledge to go too.

Bellow is a general outline of the HELP we wish to offer and future we wish to create:
(things are subject to change, not limited only to)

Make sure to pick one when making your pledge TODAY!!!


Arts, Culture, Humanities
    Libraries, Historical Societies and Landmark Preservation
    Performing Arts
    Public Broadcasting and Media

Community Development
    Fundraising Organizations
    Community Foundations
    Housing and Neighborhood Development

    Universities, Graduate Schools, and Technological Institutes
    Private Elementary and Secondary Schools
    Other Education Programs and Services
    Private Liberal Arts Colleges

    Environmental Protection and Conservation
    Botanical Gardens, Parks, and Nature Centers

    Diseases, Disorders, and Disciplines
    Patient and Family Support
    Treatment and Prevention Services
    Medical Research
Mental/Emotional Services

Human and Civil Rights
    Advocacy and Education
Human Services
    Children's and Family Services
    Youth Development, Shelter, and Crisis Services
    Food Banks, Food Pantries, and Food Distribution
    Multipurpose Human Service Organizations
    Homeless Services
    Social Services

Research and Public Policy
    Non-Medical Science & Technology Research
    Social and Public Policy Research

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Website/Graphic Design, PC Repairs, Tech Consulting, and MORE! STPHELPS website built by PC Dr.