We are creating a community resource center to be a hub between the people of our community, the public service officials, the other nonprofits, and the avenues to receive help, which will solidify our parish and bring us all closer together.

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In summary, we would like to list the uses for our new building, which will include, but are not limited to:

 Accepting and distributing non-perishable food item donations

•  Growing a communal non-gmo organic garden with free classes and seminars by organic farmers
•  Offering legal counsel through licensed legal advisors to community members (not full representation unless it is later negotiated)
•  Hosting donators of limited financial counseling services
•  Offering limited child care services for the needy
•  Hosting volunteers to teach classes and seminars about budgeting, parenting, college admission,financial aid, interview skills, resume building, cooking, CPR, computer skills and any other subject or hobby we find teachers for
•  Helping to expand kindness experiments and initiatives like “Pay It Forward,” “#ShareKindness,” “#Op_Human_Angels,” “Kindness Cards,” and more
•  Getting involved with the Scout program to offer support
•  Hosting events for STP Helps at our building
•  Hosting other businesses, organizations, clubs, public officials, government offices, schools, nonprofits, and whomever is interested in community growth and togetherness, as well as their events, in our building and on our land
•  Operating several computers to access our website and other sites while teaching them how to navigate to the resosrces that are everywhere in their community
•  Becoming base of operations for local media production such as news reports, ‘Community Curiosity Spotlight’ interviews with local entities, video reports, informationals, interviews, mini-documentaries about local subjects, etc, written media for the website and potentially a print version later on, and the table is open for more ideas
•  Starting a plan to deliver hugs, love, and compassion to the elderly citizens of our community and learn from them
And the door is always open for ideas with more and more potential uses for our building becoming evident more and more every day. Get involved, make a building usage subject that you think should be there that isn’t there yet and lets work on making it a reality, together!

To see our executive business summary, click here.
Executive 'building' summary coming soon!


Today, Randy, Zane, Kevin, and Kylenn and her kids went by the building to do some cleaning. They made huge steps towards accomplishing our goals by getting the whole back yard cleaned up, trash removed, old boats and junk taken out and the grass, saplings, and overgrowth cut down and cleared away. Kylenn and her daughters began the huge task of starting again in the back room of the building, and they made tremendous progress, as you can see in the pictures from before that are below. Amazing props goes out to team STP Helps for really bringing this building together. We'll have you a Community Resource Center before you know it. Stay tuned!


Our cleanup event at the new building went very well today. We had several people show up to put in work, we got a lot done and are making so much progress which you can see in our pictures below, and we also had a bunch of supplies donated to us for cleanup. Thank you Mrs. Donna and Mrs. Melissa and everyone else that donated supplies to us!

The most amazing thing that happened today though was meeting a commercial contractor, named Antony Meyer who works for 'M.P. Enterprises of LA, llc' who came by to check us out. We talked for a bit, then we gave him our business plan, which he walked around the yard with for ten minutes reading all of. He wants to get on board with us and donate his time and some materials to begin the repair process early, starting from the roof down. He is a licensed professional in his field, yet another one, stepping up to the plate and helping to make it happen for his community. Antony, we appreciate you sir, you have no idea how much you made our day with your advice and your pledge. Honestly, we all decided that you showing up is the reason why this day got planned for today and went through like it did, just to meet you and show you part of our vision. Thank you.

These are all of the 'before' pictures of the building as well as all of the pictures from cleaning parties before May 6th, 2017. The future pictures will be displayed on the log entry for that date, in chronolgical order.


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