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So you're ready to take your local business to the next level and get the word about your new store or service out to the public and you just don't know where to start?

How about a completely locally sourced community hub website that has thousands of views per month, most all of them in the 985 area code, right where your business needs to be advertised. Locally.

STP Helps is a local nonprofit based in Slidell and we have just acquired a building that we will be operating out of in the future. We are partnering with St. Tammany Parish Government, many local police stations, several other public service offices, a plethora of other nonprofits, businesses, and organizations, as well as a large number of individual residents of this great St. Tammany Parish, all to make this place we live in together better and easier for all of us. The habitat for humanity is coming to help us do the work on the construction, repair, and remodeling of the building as it has seen better days. Click HERE to learn more about the building and our cleanup events and work parties that we will be hosting to make this a reality. This program is about Community! This program is about Unity! This program is about Direction and Progression! Progression in society. Progression in innovation. Progression in ourselves!!

We need to take the struggles of our communities and put them on a pedestal. Find ways to work together and connect to one another individually to help make our streets safer and school systems better. To offer the acceptance and nudge needed to help someone further their life for the betterment of all. To give opportunities to the children that go without. We are humanity, and if we work together, we could change the course of history.

There's SO much more to offer on the website with its resources and links to find community resources and help in any situation, not just for St. Tammany Parish, but for every single city in the nation!

If you would be interested in working with us, advertising through us, or anything at all, then don't hesitate to contact us :)

 Thank you for your time and i hope you all have a lovely evening

Call 985-267-HAND(4263) or contact ads@stphelps.org
today for more info and pricing!

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