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STP Helps
Founded: 02/03/2015

Founders: Randy Kakumei, Josh Seal, Zane Galbert

Phone: 985-267-HAND (4263)

Areas of expertise: 
Community Outreach & Support

Nonprofit Executive Summary:

Catholic Archdiocese
For all your auto needs, call Autorama!
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President/Executive Director:

Randy Kakumei

Vice President/Webmaster:
Josh Seal

Zane Galbert

St. Tammany Parish (STP) Helps was developed as a communal initiative dedicated to the betterment of our community through the involvement of its citizens working together as a whole.

In this day and age, things are getting harder and harder for people to handle alone and frankly, they shouldn’t have to. The seek help from extensions found throughout the area which rely on the community for support to get people the assistance they require. These outlets are then crippled from the thousands of dollars a month that go to help all throughout the parish and further. These organizations are having trouble sustaining their own agendas, much less helping people with every day necessities.

What sets STP Helps apart from other extensions of help in the community is that we empower people and challenge them to make an impact. Through the use of socially communicative connectivity technologies, namely Facebook and the internet, we are able to extend our reach and connect on a level that has never been attempted.

Since January 1, 2015, our mission has been to connect the St. Tammany parish community in such a way that the citizens would feel a sense of responsibility to be actively involved in wanting to make a difference in the local area. Throughout the process of trying to make active differences, individuals and families can uncover major points in the population that need the most attention. By allowing different minds to approach the problem(s) from different angles, finding diverse solutions will not just bring our citizens together. We will become interconnected, empowered and invested in the successes and victories of one another.



STP HELPS Submitted For Their 501c3 on 1-22-2018

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